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The Ultimate Road Trip Gear Guide

Everything you'll need for the perfect road trip - and more

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Winter overlanding gear that'll make the cold more enjoyable

From a cozy sleep system to a warm cup of coffee in the morning

Tesla drops mid-range Model 3 battery option

It might not be that necessary now that the entry model is available

Toyota expected to add Android Auto to its cars

You won't need an iPhone for true mobile integration

Toyota joined the modern era when it started adding CarPlay to its vehicles early in 2018, but that hasn't done you much good if you're an Android user. You might get some relief soon, though. Bloomberg sources said that Toyota has agreed to put direct Android Auto support in its cars, w

Tesla seeks patent for mobile EV battery-swapping machines

It could be placed where Superchargers aren't available.

It could be placed where Superchargers aren't available.

Gogoro and Bosch launch electric scooter-sharing service in Paris

The companies will have 600 Smartscooters available for rent in the City of Lights.

The scooters use swappable batteries to eliminate waiting for a charge.

Tesla drops 'Motors' from its name

You probably already just said Tesla anyway.

With the purchase of Solar City, along with the launch of Powerwall and the solar roof, Tesla is as much of an energy company as it is a car maker.

Faraday Future could be out of business by February

If the company can't secure funding at CES, it's over.

Tick, tock.

Electric race car sets an acceleration world record

Grimsel achieved the feat with four wheel hub motors that produce a whopping 1,254 foot-pounds of torque and a body that weighs just 370 pounds.

There's more money in on-demand taxis than going to Mars

Didi, the Chinese ride-hailing service, is worth more than 1.5 times the 2015 NASA budget.

Inside Honda's ghost town for testing autonomous cars

This former town within a Naval base – now dubbed "GoMentum Station" – is the perfect testing ground for Honda's self-driving cars.

Uber shows off its first self-driving car

Uber is hitting the streets of Pittsburgh with its autonomous Ford Fusion.

Android Auto will soon run on your phone just like any other app

Android Auto will soon run entirely on your phone while offering the same features as if it were connected to your dash.

Acura introduces a sleeker self-driving test car

Today Acura introduced its second generation Automated Acura RLX Development Vehicle with updated sensors and a more pleasing aesthetic.

McLaren uses 20-year-old laptops on its first supercar

McLaren relies on a roughly 20-year-old laptop, a variant of Compaq's LTE 5280, to maintain its classic F1 supercar.

BMW has the first smart emergency system for motorcycles

It's like OnStar for your BMW motorcycle.

BMW will introduce the first smart emergency tech for motorbikes, Intelligent Emergency Call. The real magic comes with its automatic responses.

Jet-powered hoverboard shatters world record

The "Flyboard Air" from inventor Franky Zapata is real, spectacular and just set a world record for the longest hoverboard flight of all time.

BMW's EV tech is being used to resurrect the Karma

A Chinese auto parts manufacturer is resurrecting the brand under the name Revero, and licensing BMW tech.

Quebec contemplates home EV charging station mandate

The Quebec government announced on Friday that it is currently considering a new mandate that would require new homes built within the province be outfitted with a 240V charging station for electric vehicles.

Uber settles background check lawsuit in California

Uber promises never to describe its service as the "safest ride on the road" or call its background check process "the gold standard" again. That's one of the terms it agreed to when it hashed out a settlement agreement with the San Francisco and Los Angeles District Attorney's offices.

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