You've been warned: Max Mosley knew what was coming

According to the latest reports, FIA president Max Mosley received ample warning that there were those out to expose and discredit him, but Mosley did nothing to alter his bizarre sexual activities in light of the development. The news stems from a Times interview with industrial espionage expert Dean Attew, who claims he had been approached by parties seeking Mosley's embarrassment and removal from office. Attew, who co-founded Titon International with former special forces commander Major-General John Holmes – a business intelligence consultancy that made the news two years ago when former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned by radioactive Polonium 210 – said that he communicated the information to his former colleague, Bernie Ecclestone, who in turn informed Mosley personally. However, Mosley apparently did not take the warnings seriously and was still caught red-handed and -cheeked two months later.

[Source: The Times of London, Photo by Clive Mason/Getty ]

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