Rendered Speculation: Next-gen Mazda3

Click above for high-res gallery of Mazda3 renderings

The Mazda3 has been a compact darling ever since its introduction in 2004, and even though its current design is nearly five years old, it still wins many comparison tests. Since its near the end of a design cycle, a new Zoom Zoom Mazda is on its way, and some interesting renderings have been published online of what the new Mazda3 could look like.

The design theme is decidedly Mazda6-based up front, with similarly angled LED headlights and the same basic shape, but this unofficial Mazda3 is far more "in your face." The large front air dam looks more like something from the MazdaSpeed collection, and its large opening doubles as the Mazda3's grille. The side view features clean, flowing lines and the same basic shape as the current Mazda3 hatch. Out back, football-shaped LED taillamps give this rendering a touch of class, and the similarly-shaped in-set dual exhaust looks like a concept-only touch. Due to the surprising success of the current model, the next Mazda3 has to be very, very good or it will be a big disapointment. If the next 3 looks as good as these renderings, we wouldn't be disappointed at all.

[Source: burlappcars via WorldCarFans]

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