2009 Mazda6 caught in the wild, sort of

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Few cars have generated as much traffic for Autoblog lately as the all-new 2009 Mazda6. We have been talking about this car for a long time, sharing pics and renderings, rumors and speculation. While Mazda shared some official pics of the U.S. version recently, we just received some shots of one sitting out in the open that we wanted to share. Submitted by avid Autoblog reader Andre R., these dozen or so shots show a beautiful blue (blue is the new white apparently) sample parked next to a current generation Mazda6. The differences are pretty striking when these two vehicles can be viewed together. The front fascia and wheels are a touch busy, but what a beautiful shape Mazda designers have given the new 6.

Although similar to the Japanese and European-market versions, the USDM car gets the signature bisected grille with foglamps housed in silver pots at the lower corners of the front air dam. As we pointed out when the first official shots were released, the trunk, rear bumper, and exhaust are also different and arguably better looking than the simpler Japanese and Europeans versions. These photos also give us a glimpse of the interior, and we'll reserve judgment on how it functions until we get some seat time. The dash isn't the best we've seen and the seat material looks odd, but it could be the glass giving odd reflections. Thanks for the pics, Andre!

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