Ferrari MilleChili concept to spawn production car

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While some could rightly wonder what in the world a Ferrari supercar could do to be green, the fact that the Italian manufacturer of super high performance prancing horses cars is interested in cleaning up its act at all probably deserves a measure of commendation. After all, historic rivals Porsche and Lamborghini have proven to be rather stubborn when it comes to changing their ways.

Remember the Ferrari MilleChile concept we showed you last year? Current rumors predict that a vehicle using many of the ideas originally introduced on that cardboard cut-out will make it to production. Green aspects such as direct injection for the rumored V10 engine and lightweight carbon-fiber construction seem likely. Of course, those two aspects would have a desirable effect on performance as well, so we're sure there is more than just green ambitions at play with these rumors.

[Source: Car and Driver via Autoblog]

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