Ferrari looking to cut CO2 emissions, reduce fuel use by 40 percent

Ferrari has been making some moves towards making vehicles that emit less CO2 and use less fuel. Today, Reuters is reporting that Ferrari's future (by 2012) will be one where the iconic red automobiles use 40 percent fuel and drop average CO2 emissions from 400 gm/km to 280-300. 300 grams per km is still a lot, but let's remember that Ferrari only sells around six thousand vehicles a year and that these cars spend most of their time indoors. As we've talked about before, Ferrari's angles of attack in this mission include using lighter materials (see the Millechili) and direct injection. Since Ferrari is mostly owned by Fiat, eco-friendly technologies are in the family, as it were, and it looks like public pressure will slightly more green Ferraris possible.

[Source: Gilles Castonguay / Reuters]

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