Enerkem and GreenField Ethanol ready for Edmonton waste-to-ethanol plant

Making fuel from waste is just brilliant. Up in Edmonton, Canada, a company called Enerkem is ready to set up the world's first industrial scale municipal waste-to-ethanol facility. Hopefullly, the implementation will be as brilliant as the idea.
Enerkem and its partner GreenField Ethanol and the city of Edmonton have agreed to a 25-year partnership whereby the government will spend $70m on a facility that will be capable of making 36m liters of biofuels each year. The governments of the city and Alberta will chip in $20m and the city will spend the other $50m on a related processing facility and research facility.

You can get the press release of this announcement here. Canada is also considering wheat-to-ethanol plants.

[Source: Enerkem Inc.]

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