Speed cameras in Arizona nab driver 22 times in 45 days

While we can normally sympathize with someone who has been on the receiving end of a speeding violation, occasionally a case comes up which tests our ability to forgive and forget. Such is the case with Jennifer Bitton, who was caught 22 times in less than two months by speed cameras on Arizona's Loop 101. The Las Vegas-based serial speeder was arrested by the Department of Public Safety at her parents' home in Scottsdale last Friday and booked on two counts of criminal speeding, one count of endangerment and another count of reckless driving. Not surprisingly, Bitton says that she wasn't aware of the cameras on 101, which at one point clocked her Mustang at 92 mph.
What is surprising is that Bitton isn't the worst of the lot. Back in 2006, Francesca Cisneros received over 70 speeding tickets on the same stretch of road, which she immediately threw away and forgot about. When the police finally arrived at her door, she reportedly told them that she assumed that if she tossed them in the trash, nothing would happen. Not quite. In October of 2006 she was sentenced to five days in jail and fined $10,022. Bitton is expected to rack up a few days behind bars herself, along with several thousand dollars in fines. Thanks for the tip, Kris.

[Source: East Valley Tribune]

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