Paramount tuners get more for their diesel, 16% more they say

Want to go farther on each tank of diesel? Who doesn't, these days? One way to eke out a bit more distance between fill-ups is to driver more economically. Another, according to Paramount Performance of Slough in the UK, is to get "one of the simple 'plug and play' diesel economy units" sold by Paramount. By remapping the engine control unit (or ECU), Paramount claims fuel economy improvements of up to 16 percent. The turbo diesel kits cost between £299 to £350, plus VAT.

The press release pasted after the break makes it all sound so simple. take this line:

Paramount's 'plug and play' economy units can be purchased by mail order and fitted in minutes by the owner.

Man, how much easier could it be? Well, perhaps by providing some testimonials. Anyone out there tried a Paramount ECU remapper yet?

[Source: Paramount Performance]


Renowned tuners, Paramount, focus their expertise on reducing fuel consumption rather than increasing power

Car drivers are abandoning their cars at home and truckers are staging protests up and down the country. As the price of diesel moves inexorably towards 150p per litre, help is needed, and fast.

For many owners it lies in one of the simple 'plug and play' diesel economy units now being marketed by renowned engine tuners, Paramount Performance of Slough. Vehicles for which such magic boxes are unavailable, can be equally effectively modified by remapping of the engine's ECU. Either way, improvements of anything up to 16% are possible.

Paramount made their name by extracting more power from performance cars from the Jaguar, Aston Martin and Porsche stables, but are now refocusing their expertise on tuning turbo diesel powered vehicles for optimum economy.

Paramount's 'plug and play' economy units can be purchased by mail order and fitted in minutes by the owner. Alternatively, they can be applied by the company at their headquarters in Slough. Re-mapping is undertaken in the same place, and all customers having an economy conversion carried out on their behalf have the option of their car being fine tuned on the rolling road, free-of-charge.

Paramount's economy conversions for turbo diesel cars cost from around £299 to £350, plus VAT, and come with a money-back guarantee. Where applicable, the 'plug and play' units can be readily transferred to another vehicle of the same type, making it possible to amortise the initial investment over a longer period.

Further details of the economy devices can be found at or by calling +44 (0)1753 533633. The company also market performance tuning packages and related accessories for a whole range of road and race cars including Minis, Aston Martins, Jaguars and Porsches, and operate a 2400bhp, 4-wheel drive rolling road - one of the most powerful and technically advanced in the country.

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