First glimpse of ZAP Alias prototype revealed in video

We recently got word that a ZAP Alias prototype had been built but at the time, we couldn't find any pictures. With a link supplied by commenter "Jay," that situation has been somewhat rectified. Although we don't have photos beyond the screen grabs you see above, there is a news video from NBC24 showing off the car from different angles. They even chat with the Craig Winn of Applied Technologies, the man responsible for this first iteration.

From what we can tell, the prototype stays quite true to the drawings and video renditions previously released. It looks real and not made of styrofoam. He hope to get more and better pictures soon as well as an updated production schedule. If Electric Cars Europe want to import it, seems like the pace ought to be picked up a bit, no? H/t to jay.

[Source: NBC24]

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