Don't hold your breath for a Zap Alias in 2008

When Zap announced plans for a new high performance electric three wheeler called the Alias earlier this summer, they indicated that it would arrive before the even more vaporous Zap-X, sometime in 2008. If you were saving your pennies for this lithium ion-powered trike, it looks like you'll have some extra time to save up. One of the features that was touted on the Alias was in-wheel electric motors produced by PML Flightlink.

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Zap included a copy of a purchase order for 10,000 of these PML motors. The delivery date is listed as April 2009 and at this point no price is even specified. Also no mention is made of the Alias on the Zap website, although they are taking pre-orders for the Zap-X and even have a link to where you can get financing of it. Make of all that what you will.

[Source: Securities and Exchange Commission]

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