Dyson NOT developing solar-powered electric car

Maybe Dyson doesn't suck as much as we thought. James Dyson, the inventor of new age, overpriced vacuum cleaners, had recently been reported by The Independent as interested in working on developing his own green auto, specifically a solar-powered electric vehicle. The story (as reported by AB Green and others) was that Dyson engineers were working on an electric motor derived from the one used in their own vacuum cleaners. Dyson was said to be looking for partners to build the car, with the company itself developing the powerplant. Apparently there's a sucker born every minute, as Dyson is now stating that he never told anyone they were developing a car, just that the new digital motor in their latest vacuum cleaner could power a car. If you read the article, it's blatantly apparent that the interviewer got caught reaching too far with Dyson's quotes. Semantics aside, we still like the idea of a modern sucker car like the Chaparral 2J sucker car. If Dyson vacuum motors replaces the snowmobile engines used on the original, so much the better.
[Source: Autocar]

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