Audi A1 drop-top bound for Frankfurt in '09, aimed at MINI cabrio

Audi gave the world a preview of its new A1 mini-car last fall in the form of the MetroProject and the production version of the new A1 is expected to debut in 2010 with a lineup that should include a drop-top version to take on the MINI Cabriolet. As usual, Audi will likely bring all the bells and whistles to the A1 Cabrio, including a power top that descends fully into the back end of the car. That would give the A1 and advantage over the MINI which stacks on top of the hind-quarters. And, unlike the MINI that maintains a diminutive replica of a rear seat, Audi won't bother with the rear quarters, keeping it strictly a two-seater. In the rendering from AutoExpress the car looks more like a miniature version of the RS4 Cabrio, but the little machine won't bother with quattro all-wheel-drive. Instead, the front wheels will be powered by 1.4L TFSI engines with mated to a DSG gearbox. The A1 Cabrio should debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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