Objection! Burberry edition Maserati Quattroporte spotted in Saudi Arabia

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Think "Maserati" and "Burberry" and there are so many ways this could have gone classy. But this isn't one of them. Seems some fool with too much oil money and not enough taste has plastered his Quattroporte in what appears to be perforated Burberry-plaid gift-wrap paper. If this were some sort of new camouflage on a test mule for the newly revised Quattroporte, we'd say it was effective (who could focus on the details in between the bouts of vomiting?), but somehow we don't picture the Italians doing anything this horrendously tasteless. In fact, we'd encourage Maserati to track down the owner and repossess the vehicle immediately. Click on the thumbnails below to see more of the Burberry-spangled Maser... if you must.

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[Source: CarDomain]

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