Kia releases second teaser of next-gen Spectra

First there was the sketch showing Kia's Spectra replacement, the Forte, looking tantalizingly great. Now comes what appears to be a photograph of the actual car to further whet our appetites. While we know the Forte is going to crib lines from the great looking Koup concept that we saw in New York, we can't help but be reminded of the Saturn Ion by this latest image. Maybe it's the angle, or the lighting, or the shape of the headlamps, we don't know. The side profile shows a vehicle that's exponentially more awesome than the melted Studebaker Lark looking thing that Saturn was selling not too long ago, so we'll go with that. The current Spectra is a decent looking car as far as conservatively styled vehicles go, but the Forte is a step up, with a form that evokes higher-end iron like Acura, and maybe there's a little G8 in that front stance. For now, Kia's got us like a putty in their palm, waiting for the next teaser shot to appear. How about it?

[Source: kia-world]

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