Consumer Reports investigating motorcycle testing procedures

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There's no arguing with the fact that high gas prices have fueled an increase in motorcycle and scooter sales. As Consumer Reports shows, the overall scooter market in particular is up a whopping twenty-four percent. Still, there are many issues with using two-wheelers for everyday transportation chores, with safety being of paramount concern. As CR reports, riders involved in motorcycle crashes are thirty-four times more likely to be killed than individuals in automobiles. Interestingly, head injuries make up a very large chunk of serious motorcycle injuries, which means riders wearing helmets are considerably safer than riders who choose to go out sans head protection.

For this reason, the popular consumer guide is beginning to study the market in an effort to provide its readers with valuable information regarding this recent trend and is considering creating a special set of testing procedures for two-wheelers. Data shows that the majority of motorcycle accidents could be avoided with proper training, so we look forward to seeing what, if anything, CR comes up with for testing.

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[Source: Consumer Reports]

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