Spy Shots: Chevy Cobalt nose fully exposed

GM made big promises when the Cavalier was finally supplanted by the Cobalt. It was to be a departure, a break from the not-so-fondly-regarded J-Body to an all-new vehicle capable of competing head-on with the Civic. Yeah. Then it debuted and reality was "not so much." It's worlds better than the Cav, but for a car that was supposed to be a clean break, it certainly looks like a continuation of the J, no matter how much pent up lust we harbor for the Cobalt SS in any form. Pardon us if we're going with Dubya quoting The Who, but fool us once.....won't get fooled again.
Leave it to spy photographers to at least assuage our fears about the styling of the Cobalt's replacement. The Malibu's grille and the Equinoxes lamps get scaled down and applied to a body that's wholly removed from the neo-Cavalier we've got now. This time around, Chevy seems far more serious about being a leader, and they're focusing on more than just dissecting Jetta suspension bushings. The Cobalt moniker might not make the transition to the Delta platform; Rick Wagoner avoided any mention of the name while comparing how much better than the incumbent the incoming model will be. Wagoner did go on to promise more of everything; from quality and equipment, to safety and fuel economy. We'll see. Thanks for the tip, Noe!

[Source: Motor Trend]

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