Speeding tickets get worse with fuel surcharge

There's no doubt about it, speeding tickets are a drag. Your insurance premiums go up, you may have to go to court or traffic school. And these days even if you don't get nabbed by the local constabulary, it'll cost you more just because of high fuel prices. Now it may cost you even more if you get busted in the Atlanta suburb of Holly Springs. When the police are out there patrolling the streets for over-exuberant scofflaws they are burning gas. The increase in gas prices has already eaten up 60 percent of the city's fuel budget for the year. To help compensate, starting July 1, every speeding ticket will include an extra $12 charge to cover the cost of the officer pulling you over. The extra fee applies to all moving violations including running stop signs and lights. The surcharge can be removed if gas prices drop below $4/gallon. This week, the Atlanta city council passed a similar surcharge that will go into effect after the mayor signs the legislation. It's likely that other cities around the country will be following suit in the coming months.

[Source: AOL Money, thanks to Brad for the tip!]

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