Top 5 hybrid SUVs available today, number 3: Lexus RX400h

For the sake of comparison, the non-hybrid version of the Lexus RX sport utility manages to get 18/23 miles per gallon. The government reckons you'll spend $3,203 on a year's supply of gasoline for this vehicle. On the flip side of the coin, the RX hybrid gets 27/24 and will run you $2,562 for your yearly fuel. So, choosing the hybrid will save the driver $641 a year for gas. Still, the hybrid Lexus is meant to improve the performance of the vehicle in addition to its added efficiency. We hear it moves along quite nicely too, and the driver likely enjoys their time in the highly inviting cockpit and enjoys the stellar reliability that the Lexus is so likely to deliver. Still, this is a list of green vehicles, and the RX just doesn't match up with the top few vehicles on our list. Read on.

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