So, where is Martin Eberhard's Tesla Roadster anyway? Here's the story so far

For the last couple of months there has been an ongoing discussion on various sites (including our own) about the status of Martin Eberhard's Tesla Roadster. For those just now tuning in to this little saga, Eberhard was the co-Founder of Tesla Motors, and was supposed to get production car #2 but at least three other cars have now been delivered ahead of his car. Since we last discussed the topic several weeks ago, things have been pretty quiet on this front, but we now have some new information.

During a recent call with Tesla Marketing VP Darryl Siry, I asked about the status of Eberhard's car, given that at least two and perhaps three other cars have now been delivered. It turns out that the car is here in the U.S. and was due to be delivered to Eberhard several weeks ago. Unfortunately, on the appointed day while a technician was doing a final checkout drive to make sure everything was working properly, there was an accident and the back front end of the car sustained significant damage. Continue after the jump for more.

According to Siry, Eberhard was informed immediately and given the option of having a new car built or have it repaired. Eberhard opted for the repairs and parts were rushed over and the rebuild has reportedly been given top priority.

When contacted for comment, Eberhard told ABG "It is true that my car was damaged while being driven by a technician. It is news to me that this happened on the day the car was to be delivered." Beyond that Eberhard told ABG that he is not yet ready to discuss the matter publicly, for undisclosed reasons. In time, he will comment further.

Siry told us that the car should finally be ready for delivery again in the next couple of weeks. It appears that there is nothing nefarious going on with the latest delay in delivering Eberhard's Roadster, but rather an extremely unfortunate accident. Nonetheless, there has clearly been much going on behind the scenes that the public and press are not privy too. Even if Martin Eberhard's departure from Tesla did not occur on the best terms, it certainly would have been a show of good faith by the current management to stay true to the spirit of the original purchase agreement. There is more to come on this story soon.

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