France to increase pollution control patrols

In France, if you don't keep your car properly maintained, watch out. If your car pollutes too much, the police can fine you between €45 and 68 ($70-105 US). The police are even equipped with mobile pollution testers that have a CO (carbon monoxide) detector for gasoline vehicles and an opacimeters to detect abnormal CO2 levels for diesels. With the treat of coming to you to analyze your car's fumes, the French government wants motorists to maintain their vehicles properly and, eventually, will ban the most polluting ones.
Last year, more than 1,700 controls were made, which uncovered 360 contraventions in Paris alone. The French government wants to make clear that car pollution is not only the manufacturers' responsibility, but the driver's as well. Similar controls exist in Spain, where noise pollution is also taken into consideration.

[Source: Autoplus]

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