Certified used Lamborghinis coming soon to a dealer near you

Click above for high-res gallery of the Gallardo LP560- 4

Some folks out there simply refuse to buy a new automobile off the showroom floor. They cannot bring themselves to fork over the funds for an item that depreciates in value so quickly after pulling away from the dealer's lot. The world of certified used cars arose for these frugal minded individuals. Certified used cars offer sufficient warranty coverage, enough miles on the odometers to assure that they are not lemons and little to none of the instant investment nose dive. Now Lamborghini is joining the ranks of manufacturers offering pre-owned vehicles through its dealership network so wealthy super tight wads can feel a little bit better about splurging for a Lambo. This will also make it easier for those who have to be seen in the latest and greatest to trade up from old to new models.

The program begins in July and extends to all Gallardo and Murcielago models through a network of 31 authorized dealers. To be certified, however, the vehicle must meet a list of criteria. The car must have seen less than 22,000 miles with all maintenance fully documented. It also must pass a 150-point inspection performed by the dealer. Any non-OEM equipment (wings, stereos, Gumball 3000 decals) will not be accepted as they do not meet the required standards.

[Source: Inside Line]

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