Spy Shots: Acura NSX hits the streets

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The spies at KGP Photography have captured the first shots of the next Acura NSX in its prototype form. Gone is the makeshift S2000 bodywork the car has been photographed in before, replaced by what appears to be its true form: a classic, long-hooded sports car profile that is significantly more muscular and aggressive-looking than the Advanced Sports Car Concept. The camo effectively hides most of the juicy details, particularly up front,. Still, you can make out the three well-defined intake openings there, as well as headlamps that are larger than the slitlike units shown on last year's concept car. In back, stacked square dual exhausts suggest plenty of underhood muscle, which makes sense since a V10 is expected to be nestled under the car's lengthy bonnet. The mule depicted above also suggests a BMW 6-series-like decklid aft of the rear glass, though there's no way of knowing if it incorporates taillamps that run the width of the rear, as we saw on the concept. No matter. It all adds up to something we want to see a lot more of, and soon.

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[Source: KGP Photography]

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