Death Race trailer debuts

Click above for high-res gallery of Death Race production stills

We're going to start calling Jason Statham Ol' Faithful, because you always -- and we mean always -- know what you're going to get from a Jason Statham film. His next flick, Death Race, is Transporter 2 on HGH or Crank without, well, the crank.

Universal has just released a new trailer for Death Race, and in addition to cars, convicts, guns, explosions, and kick-your-dog music, it's got the hottest, most scantily clad female convicts on which you've ever laid your eyes. Jason Statham's character in the film is named Jensen Ames, which makes him, incredibly, the most oddly named NASCAR driver in history. But don't take our word for it -- there's a video trailer in them thar hills, so click the link to watch it. And be sure to check out the gallery of movie stills below.

[Source: Yahoo!]

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