Ford Fiesta snapped in the wild

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For once, we don't have to stare at shots of an attractive compact Ford and wistfully complain that it won't be available here. The production Ford Fiesta hatch has been spotted in the wild, and with Ford's confirmation that we're getting the hatchback and sedan for 2010, the potential is there for this vehicle to be a common sight on U.S. roads. The Fiesta is a stylish domestic offering for a segment where the Fit beats all and the only domestic offering is the Aveo. A bigger choice of small cars is a good thing, and while the Fiesta's backlight looks a little pinched in a function-follows-form kind of way, it's still more handsome than the Yaris. Those hoping for a high performance SVT version should start making noise now. It wouldn't even have to be fast, just make it handle like the original Focus SVT and we'd be happy with that.

[Source: FoMoCoNews]

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