Food Before Fuel campaign launches to protest against Food-To-Fuel policies

If you belong to the group that thinks that we shouldn't use food as fuel, you might be interested in this. The "Food Before Fuel" group, a partnership of more than 20 environmental, retail, hunger, Hispanic and food industry groups that has launched a campaign to encourage Congress to rethink the U. S. food-to-fuel policies. According to their sources, these policies are responsible to up to 30 percent of the world's food price inflation.

The campaign wants to revisit and restructure policies that have increased our reliance on feedstock-based biofuels as an energy source, and to carefully address the development of alternative fuels that guarantee food and environmental sustainability. Food Before Fuel's biggest target is corn-based ethanol subsidies and tariffs, which divert this grain from food uses. As a consequence, corn is more expensive for food producers and food ends up being more expensive for consumers.

[Source: Food Before Fuel]

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