Can-Am hosts Inaugural Spyder Homecoming Owner Event in Canada

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We are certain that there are quite a number of people on the roads who don't quite know what to make of the Can-Am Spyder. In case you've forgotten about this unique vehicle, it places two wheels at the front with one in back. Powered by a Rotax V-Twin engine which offers over one-hundred horsepower, the Spyder offers quite a thrill to its pilot. While this vehicle is surely not right for everyone, the fact that over three-hundred owners were scheduled to attend the Inaugural Spyder Homecoming Owner Event in Canada proves that there are certainly a few satisfied owners of the reverse-trike.

We recently got the chance to ride a three-wheeler in the form of Piaggio's MP3, in both 400cc and 500cc guises. We found that the extra contact patch up front did indeed provide some extra confidence and would likely be a very attractive feature to many new riders. Unlike the MP3, though, the Spyder does not lean into the turns. Instead, complex computers control the speed at which riders can corner and stability control combines with anti-lock braking to provide a surefooted ride.

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Press Release:

BRP welcomes Spyder(TM) owners from throughout North America to the company's headquarters in Valcourt, Quebec, Canada for the Inaugural Spyder Homecoming Owner Event on June 6, 2008. More than 350 owners of the recently launched three-wheeled roadster will ride to Valcourt from various starting points throughout the U.S. and Canada.

"There are going to be a lot of heads turning and jaws dropping along the way as riders make the trip -- in many cases hundreds of kilometres -- to the birthplace of the Spyder roadster," said Yves Leduc, vice-president and general manager, Can-Am division. "One Spyder has enough 'wow-factor' to impress a crowd, but combining this number of roadsters in one location is a true spectacle."

BRP executives, including the president and CEO, Jose Boisjoli, will greet each rider and passenger in Valcourt as they arrive from 17 U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces. Once in Valcourt, participants will experience the first ever public tour of the Spyder roadster assembly line. They will also attend various festivities throughout the day and have the opportunity to meet with BRP employees who contributed in bringing this paradigm-shifting product to the market.

"This is truly a historic occasion as it gathers the first pioneers of the Spyder Community," said Boisjoli. "It is an honour for us to welcome these owners who are among the first to adopt BRP's innovation for the open road."

BRP introduced the Spyder roadster to the world in February 2007. It became available at dealerships in 11 U.S. states and 4 Canadian provinces in the fall. In response to strong market demand, the launch schedule was stepped up and enthusiasts now have the opportunity to purchase the roadster in 35 states, 5 provinces and 20 international markets.

The Can-Am(TM) Spyder roadster will soon be available at dealerships or distributors in 20 countries on 3 continents. (Visit for a complete list of states, provinces and international markets).

Inaugural Spyder Homecoming Owner Event

Event Overview

The Inaugural Spyder(TM) Homecoming Owner Event was conceived first and foremost for BRP to recognize its initial Can-Am(TM) Spyder roadster owners and celebrate the Spyder community and culture. It is a historical, milestone event in the eyes of BRP -- the Spyder has been in the works for nearly a decade.

Owners will meet at designated locations (listed below) early in the morning of June 6, 2008 and then ride together to Valcourt, Quebec, the birthplace of the Spyder roadster.

The event is an opportunity for BRP to show Spyder owners its commitment to designing and producing a line-up of the most innovative powersports vehicles available, including the Spyder roadster. Along with the first public viewing of the Spyder production line, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about other BRP products -- Can-Am ATVs, Sea-Doo(R) watercraft and sport boats, Ski-Doo(R) snowmobiles and Evinrude(R) outboard engines.

The SpyderRyder Community

The Homecoming Event is a platform for Spyder owners to truly get to know each other. From the very beginning when riders gear up to hit the open road, owners will meet, swap stories and immerse themselves in the Spyder culture. Many of the owners have been communicating via BRP's Spyder community Web site, and this serves as a chance to put faces with names and get to know others that live the Spyder lifestyle.

Participant Information

There are more than 350 owners registered to attend the event. Below is a breakdown of attendees by state/province (as of June 3, 2008).

Arizona Connecticut Florida Georgia Illinois
2 5 5 1 1

Louisiana Massachusetts Michigan North Carolina New Jersey
2 14 6 1 3

New York Ohio Pennsylvania Tennessee Texas
42 2 6 2 4

Virginia Vermont Manitoba Ontario Quebec
1 3 1 5 256

Additional Information
-- A helicopter will be following the Lake George and Plattsburgh group
once they enter Canada to get overhead shots of the Spyder owners
riding into Valcourt

-- Owners will receive a commemorative pin honouring them as one of the
first Spyder owners and for attending the Inaugural Valcourt
Homecoming Owner Event

-- Awards will be given to owners in several categories, including best
Spyder personalisation, farthest traveled to Valcourt and most
kilometres to date on a Spyder

-- Attendees will have the opportunity to visit the renowned J.A.
Bombardier Museum and see the evolution of the industry, starting with
the first snowmobile - the 1959 Ski-Doo snowmobile.

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP), a privately-held company, is a world leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of motorised recreational vehicles. Its portfolio of brands and products includes: Ski-Doo(R) and Lynx(TM) snowmobiles, Sea-Doo(R) watercraft and sport boats, Evinrude(R) and Johnson(R) outboard engines, direct injection technologies such as E-TEC(R), Can-Am(TM) all-terrain vehicles and roadsters, as well as Rotax(R) engines and karts.
[Source: Can-Am]

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