2008 Woodward Dream Cruise launches new logo, website

The Woodward Dream Cruise has been a very professionally run event for most of the past 13 years, but when it came time to check for updates on the Dream Cruise website, it was amateur hour. That has changed, as the rip-roaring event has been given a more modern website with easy to traverse navigation and cleaner graphics. The site also includes a new blog that features the ideas and knowledge of the Dream Cruise leadership team.

Team Dream Cruise also wanted to feature an all-new logo that captures the spirit of an event that hosts a million people and 40,000 vintage hotrods. The team hand-picked former GM Design Director Dick Ruzzin to come up with a classic yet contemporary design that gives props to the classic car, while also providing the event an extra touch of class. Ruzzin chose the classic 1930's roadster as the new face of the Dream Cruise, and we'd say the end result is a job well done. Click on the gallery below for Ruzzin's progression from first sketch to final product, and click the link below to visit the Dream Cruise website. The actual event takes place Saturday, August 16th, and you know we'll be there.

[Source: Woodward Dream Cruise]

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