New Use #101 for Unsold Full-Size Trucks: Birds Nest

If there were any doubt left that the gas-guzzling truck market was laying an egg, we have proof that it's ready to hatch two. A truck market-savvy bird has declared a lifted, red 2008 F-150 as its new home, and the feathered creature left two eggs on the truck's cowl as proof of residence. The avianic animal likely chose to put its nest at the base of the windshield of a jacked-up pickup to keep said offspring away from predators, but little did it know that the pickup will probably not be leaving the lot anytime soon. Ford of Orange County has roped off the truck, and the environmentally friendly dealership isn't accepting any orders for the pickup until the eggs have hatched and the youngins have flown the coup. There you have it, the full-size truck market is officially for the birds (rim shot). Check out more pics at the source below. Thanks for the tip, Kevin!

[Source: OCRegister, Photo: JOSHUA SUDOCK]

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