Class of '08 pranks principal's car with Post-It Notes and Saran Wrap, sophomores begin planning

The senior prank has become nearly its own rite of Spring. Every year, graduating high school students pool their creativity to come up with something that's a little antisocial without crossing the line. Matriculating students from the northeastern Connecticut institution Killingly High School managed to bust the chops of principal Dan Costello without resorting to a pickup truck full of manure. Students covertly adorned what looks like an Acura with lots of sticky notes, toilet paper, and plastic wrap. Costello was called out to the parking lot with a ruse, where he was surrounded by a student body doing a collective imitation of Nelson. A tame prank, but at least Principal Costello laughed it off. Normally, if the students don't like you, they wouldn't even bother. Extricating his car from the cocoon didn't take too long with the aid of some sophomore students. Less settling was the idle chatter during the unwrapping process about how their senior prank was so going to be better.

[Source: Network World via Digg]

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