Offset high gas prices by turning your car into billboard

Gas prices suck and the job market is almost as bad, but a little uglification of your car or truck can net you some big bucks. Alternative marketing companies that want to plaster your car with "tasteful" advertisements are paying hundreds of dollars to the right people, but chances are you aren't one of them. There is a reason you don't see many of these driving billboards, because the companies with the money are looking for people who travel a lot and park their car in interesting places. More scrupulous types know that people are willing to do just about anything to get relief from the rising cost of transportation, so there are a lot of scams out there, too. If anyone asks for, say, a deposit or a car for keeps, that's probably not going to really happen. Most arrangements only last a few months, and pay can fluctuate wildly.

If you've actually worked as a rolling billboard, let us know in the comments. Be sure to add the company you worked for, how your experience went, and whether you'd do it again.

[Source: Wallet Pop]

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