Toyota to provide 78 hybrid and hydrogen vehicles for G8 summit

When the leaders of the Group of Eight (G8) industrialized nations get together in Hokkaido Japan next month for their annual sit-down, Toyota will be on hand to provide transportation (Mitsubishi, too). Toyota will offer up a fleet of 78 vehicles for official use during the event. Along with 11 LS600h hybrid luxury sedans, they will provide 15 Crown hybrids, 43 Estima hybrid minivans, and 5 fuel cell-powered FCHV buses. With environmental issues being at the top of the agenda for the gathering, Toyota wanted to make sure officials and media got around in the cleanest transportation available.

An environmental showcase will be taking place in conjunction with the summit. Toyota will be conducting ride and drives one of the prototype plug-in Priuses one of the new FCHV-adv Highlanders and a pair of i-Real single seaters. Toyota will also be offering up the hybrid fleet for a pair conferences this month in other parts of the country.

[Source: Toyota]

TMC to Provide 78 Hybrid, Other Vehicles to G8 Summit Tokyo

announced that it will provide 78 conventional hybrid and other environmentally friendly vehicles for official use and demonstration at the July 7-9 G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit.

The vehicles will be used to transport participating country officials, shuttle media and government representatives and serve as next-generation test ride vehicles as part of the summit's Environmental Showcase of environmentally related displays and demonstrations at the venue's International Media Center.

TMC provided the environmentally friendly vehicles in response to a Japanese government request to help ensure that the summit and the preparations for it are as environmentally considerate as possible. This is especially because one of the major themes of the summit is the environment, particularly measures aimed at combating global warming.

TMC will provide (including backup vehicles) 11 Lexus LS600h/LS600hL sedans, 15 Crown Hybrid sedans and 43 Estima Hybrid minivans for transporting participant country officials. In addition, five units of the hydrogen-powered Toyota FCHV-BUS*1 will be used for shuttling government and media representatives.

The test ride vehicles for the Environmental Showcase will include one Toyota Plug-in HV*2, two battery-powered i-REAL personal mobility vehicles and a TOYOTA FCHV-adv*3. Also at the Environmental Showcase, TMC will put on technological displays that include a stationary fuel cell and a high-pressure hydrogen tank developed by TMC for fuel cell vehicles.

Some of the aforementioned vehicles will also serve the June 7-8 Energy Ministers Meeting in Aomori Prefecture and the June 15 G8 Science and Technology Ministers Meeting in Okinawa Prefecture.

*1 Fuel cell hybrid vehicle bus
*2 Hybrid vehicle rechargeable from household electricity and able to run solely on electric motor power
*3 Fuel cell hybrid vehicle-advanced

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