Cyclone Power Technologies engine runs on waste heat

Cyclone Power Technologies has introduced a new engine which they say runs on waste heat. Previously, engines from Cyclone Power utilized external combustion. The Waste Heat Engine (WHE) is capable of running on any heat source and is said to work at fairly low temperatures. Possible sources of heat include the sun, without the use of solar cells, and the heat from a running engine or exhaust. The engine appears similar to a radial engine at first glance, but is completely different in operation. Displacing about 155 cubic inches, the twelve cylinder engine isn't particularly small for the twenty horsepower that it is said to produce. Because of these dimensions, we're not expecting to see this engine under the hood of a vehicle already equipped with an internal combustion engine. For applications where space isn't really an issue, though, the WHE could potentially increase the efficiency of the overall power unit. See a video of the engine running and an interview here.
[Source: Cyclone Power Technologies via Engadget]

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