Riding around town in the Sidekick, a homebrew pedal hybrid

Funny how the Internet operates. Treehugger wrote about the Trailcart, and then we and BoingBoing did as well. A BoingBoing reader thinks, hey, that's kind of like what my husband built, and mentions it in the comments. So then Treehugger writes about that homemade pedal/electric hybrid 4-wheeler. Now we're doing the same. We're so incestuous around here.

In any case, the vehicle is called the Sidekick, and there are two videos from user Welmoed on YouTube showing the quadricycle in action. As Welmoed wrote on BoingBoing, "With the current gas prices, it's now our 'errand car' -- we use it for one-person errands within a 10 mile radius. It gets a lot of interesting looks!" One of the videos says the rider is Bob and he's going "through the Kentlands," so maybe this is Maryland we're talking about? In any case, it's good to see that DIY is alive and well and willing to get some strange looks as it drives along. See the Sidekick in action after the jump.

[Source: BoingBoing via Treehugger]

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