Trailcart, a pedal-powered four-wheel-drive vehicle

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While one could argue that there is nothing inherently wrong with a plain old off-road capable mountain bike and its two large wheels, we still think that the pedal-powered four-wheel-drive vehicle seen above is pretty cool. Called the Trailcart, its German makers claim that it is the first of its kind. Using an eight-speed Shimano Nexus gearing system, the Trailcart seems like a fun way to burn some calories while enjoying the outdoors. We can't really see something like this working in a singletrack environment, but on Jeep trails or fire roads, plenty of noise-free fun could be had. It could be that the Trailcart would get people outdoors and exercising who wouldn't otherwise be able.

According to TreeHugger, some big names have picked up on the idea, including Land Rover which is testing the vehicles on its own off-road courses and is said to be considering using the four-wheeler on a leg of its Adventure Tour 2008 in Malaysia.

[Source: TreeHugger]

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