Moscow under seige of auto arsonist

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Since last Thursday, more than 20 cars and trucks in the Russian capital of Moscow have been torched by an elusive car arsonist. Each of the fires is started the same way: flammable materials are pulled from a dumpster, stacked under the vehicle's wheel, doused with lighter fluid and then set ablaze. While the arsonist has hit vehicles in five different towns, all are thought to be the work of one individual. According to police, the culprit seems to be drawn towards gray cars (yes, the color), and has completely avoided Russian Ladas, perhaps as a demonstration of national pride. Instead, more expensive luxury imports are the hot targets. Authorities believe the misfit may be a schizophrenic registered at a psychiatric hospital. It sure sounds like a good place to start looking. Thanks for the tip, Andrew V!

[Source: RAI Novosti, Photos from English Russia]

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