Ex-DuPont bioscience leader becomes new CEO of SunEthanol

A former leader of DuPont's Bio-Based Materials (now called DuPont Applied BioSciences) is the new CEO of celulosic ethanol company SunEthanol. SunEthanol is working on making cellulosic ethanol using something called the Q Microbe. Dr. William Frey led the DuPont biomaterials work starting in the late 1990s. He worked at DuPont for 28 years, but was swayed by that Q. In a statement, Frey said.,"SunEthanol's C3 process holds great promise because of the robustness of the Q Microbe(TM) and its ability to convert a wide variety of feedstocks into clean, usable ethanol. I look forward to making SunEthanol a world leader in the race to displace gasoline with home-grown biofuels." SunEthanol was started in 2006. C3 stands for "Complete Cellulosic Conversion" and the company says it has recently been able to get a ten-fold increase in the C3 technology.
[Source: SunEthanol via Green Car Congress]

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