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Although most people don't realize it, Southern California does indeed have seasons. Sure the weather may be sunny and 70 all year-long, but there are most definitely seasons. We happen to be in the middle of concours season right now, with classic car shows popping up like, well, like poppies. The classic car fan is completely spoiled for choice out here, with shows occurring in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and in Huntington Beach just this past weekend. We already showed you some of the highlights from Los Angeles, and now we want to share a bit of HB too.

Now in its 23rd year, the Huntington Beach Concours d'Elegance is a much more casual event, with cars sprawled around Huntington's Central Park, in the shadow of the Central Library. It feels much more like a community festival than some of the other concours, but still has some top-notch machinery being judged for awards. Spread over two days, showgoers got to see muscle cars, woodies and hot rods on Saturday, while the motorbikes, European classics and exotics joined the featured Corvettes on Sunday. Celebrities on hand included Kar Kustomizer George Barris, Fireball Tim Lawrence and KABC car expert Dave Kunz. Not quite Pebble Beach, but a lot cheaper and just as fun for the spectators. Check out the gallery below to see everything from a Sport Pack Mini to a Lamborghini 400GT, a '50 Merc to a Fiat Abarth, and everything in between.

  • Kaiser
Classic Minis
  • Classic Minis
Chevrolet Fleetmasters
  • Chevrolet Fleetmasters
Chevrolet Fleetmaster
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster
Custom Mustang
  • Custom Mustang
Chevrolet Fleetmaster
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster
Chevrolet Fleetmaster
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster
Chevrolet Fleetmaster
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster
Chevrolet Fleetmaster
  • Chevrolet Fleetmaster
Lamborghini 400GT
  • Lamborghini 400GT
Ferrari 365 2+2
  • Ferrari 365 2+2
Pontiac Catalina and Plymouth Duster
  • Pontiac Catalina and Plymouth Duster
Lindbergh Special actually lights up
  • Lindbergh Special actually lights up
1959 "Squarebird" Thunderbird
  • 1959 "Squarebird" Thunderbird
Fireball Tim's movie MINI
  • Fireball Tim's movie MINI
Datsun Roadster
  • Datsun Roadster
Hot Rod
  • Hot Rod
Proud bike owner
  • Proud bike owner
early Jaguar XJ
  • early Jaguar XJ
Bentleys and Rolls-Royces
  • Bentleys and Rolls-Royces
Alfa Romeo Montreal
  • Alfa Romeo Montreal
BMW Motorbikes
  • BMW Motorbikes
Porsche 356 and 914
  • Porsche 356 and 914
1938 M-B Limo
  • 1938 M-B Limo
1965 BMW 3200 by Bertone
  • 1965 BMW 3200 by Bertone
MG 2+2
  • MG 2+2
1939 Riley
  • 1939 Riley
Ferrari 365 GT 2+2
  • Ferrari 365 GT 2+2
Maserati Ghibli
  • Maserati Ghibli
Ferrari 330GTC
  • Ferrari 330GTC
Factory race V-Rod
  • Factory race V-Rod
Fiat Abarth 850
  • Fiat Abarth 850
Beautiful flathead Ford
  • Beautiful flathead Ford
Tim, George and Dave
  • Tim, George and Dave
Classic '50 Merc
  • Classic '50 Merc
1957 Olds 88
  • 1957 Olds 88
1951 Chevy
  • 1951 Chevy
Gorgeous Ford Custom
  • Gorgeous Ford Custom

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