Get free gas with a new pair of pants

Deals on gasoline make at least some sort of sense when automakers offer them (looking at you, crazy Chrysler), but when the latest free gas gimmick comes from buying Dockers, you know fuel prices are high. This is exactly what's going on, though, with a Father's Day sale at Sears that will give customers a $75 gas card and a $10 Sears gift card with the purchase of $100 worth of Men's Dockers stuff (but not shoes, purchases must be made between June 7 and 15). Sears is also giving away a 2008 Prius worth over $21,000. There is no purchase necessary - and you don't need to be a dad - to try and win the Prius, but the website to enter isn't active yet (guessing that'll happen on the 7th). A winner will be selected around the beginning of August.
[Source: Sears Holdings Corporation]

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