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The used Toyota Prius market is heating up rapidly in the face of high gasoline prices. A quick check on eBay Motors shows that, despite the complicated systems which make up the world's best-selling hybrid, bidders are snatching up the Prius at a very high rate. Historically, mechanically-savvy individuals have been able to get a detailed manual in order to tackle vehicle maintenance and repair themselves. Will newer high-tech vehicles with more computer processing power than the original space shuttle dissuade do-it-yourselfers from tackling their own hybrid vehicle repair work?

Apparently, the good chaps at Haynes Manuals were able to get their hands on a Prius, which they then proceeded to strip down completely and rebuild. The process was completely documented and can be found in the new Haynes Manual for the 2001-2008 Toyota Prius. As we've mentioned, the complex and often dangerous electrical systems are rather robust, so perhaps the new-tech hybrid vehicles won't put a damper in the DIY spirit of the home-repairman too significantly.

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Reduce emissions and reduce costs too

The Toyota Prius is one of the first mass-produced hybrid cars and arguably the most popular, with over 750,000 sold worldwide. It's combination of petrol and electric power has found favour with motorists keen to increase fuel economy and reduce emissions without sacrificing too much comfort or performance. Indeed, in America, the Prius is seen as an icon of 'green' credentials and for this reason is favoured by movie stars (even if they do own other gas-guzzling vehicles). In the UK one strong attraction of the Prius is it's exemption from the London congestion charge.

When it comes to maintenance and servicing, Toyota Prius owners should not be put off by the apparent complexity of the car. It has service intervals similar to other modern petrol-engined cars and the battery pack doesn't require servicing - indeed it is never likely to need replacing, with Toyota offering an 8-year warranty on the hybrid system. This means that DIY maintenance by Prius owners is perfectly feasible and can be another cost saving measure. One purchase is essential, however – the new Haynes Manual for the Toyota Prius covering all the models from 2001 to 2008.

Haynes Manuals have been helping motorists around the globe save money for many years – which is why worldwide sales have reached a staggering 150 million. As with all Haynes Manuals, the new Prius manual was written and illustrated following the complete stripdown and re-assembly of a car. Information and instructions fill 240 pages and there are numerous illustrations. This means that even major overhauls to the engine, suspension and brakes have fully illustrated step-by-step instructions.

For less complex tasks, there are sections on daily, weekly and routine maintenance. There are instructions for straightforward jobs such as wiper blade replacement and a section on maintenance techniques and tools. Added to this are fault-finding charts and wiring diagrams.

As with all Haynes Manuals, there are sections on:
• Routine Maintenance – simple weekly checks to keep you on the road
• Servicing – complete, fully illustrated step-by-step guides
• Fault-finding – information helping you to pinpoint specific problems easily
• Engine, fuel system, brakes, suspension and steering repair
Haynes Manuals retail at £18.99 and are available from www.haynes.co.uk or from all good automotive accessory retailers.

[Source: Haynes Manuals]

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