Spy Shots: BMW 3-Series facelift

For those fond of delving deep into E90 minutiae, these are the best shots yet showing off the subtle changes coming to the BMW 3-series. For the rest of us, the tweaks are largely inconsequential. World Car Fans has unearthed some of the clearest shots yet, and the change that most people will notice are the taillamps, which look to get a slightly different shape. It even appears that the cutlines between the taillamp pieces on the trunklid won't line up with the rest of the cluster mounted in the quarter panel - asymmetry. The mirrors look to gain large repeaters for the blinkers, possibly just a camouflage ruse, and minor updates likely go on inside and underhood, too. Also likely to be quite noticeable once the wraps come off is a reshaped front fascia, which appears to place foglamps next to the license plate. Overall, a mild refreshing until a new 3-series can be whipped up. In the meantime, the new 7 will set the template for BMWs to come.
[Source: World Car Fans]

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