Web-assisted early look at the 2009 V-Max

Click above for more early shots of the 2009 V-Max

Since the very first Yamaha V-Max was introduced way back in 1984, the motorcycle scene has seen countless changes. The V-Max, though, has remained steadfast in its ways, surviving right on through the break off of Star Motorcycles from its Yamaha parent. A look at Star Motorcycle's current website shows a V-Max from 2007 that is almost exactly the same as the first edition was all those years ago. That will soon change. Although the official unveiling of the machine that started the muscle-bike category is still a week or so away, the internet has struck out with a few early shots of the new 2009 Max. Early specifications point to around 210 horsepower from a new 1800cc V-Four engine, which ought to have no problem establishing Mr. Max as the new quarter mile king. Just how quick will the new V-Max be? We, along with just about everybody else, predict a trip down the 1320 to take a little over nine seconds. Yeah, it'll be the new bike to be seen on.

[Source: MotoRevue via The Kneeslider]

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