Verenium ready for cellulosic ethanol plant in Louisiana

A demonstration plant in Louisiana is the latest entry in the cellulosic ethanol race. Verenium announced yesterday that the company is starting up a 1.4 million gallon-per-year plant in Jennings, La with the intended non-food feedstocks being stems and leaves. Verenium will use "specialty enzymes and Verenium's proprietary technology," the AP reports. By mid-2009, Verenium hopes to have a production plant up and running that can make 30 mgpy once the test plant proves that Verenium's cellulosic ethanol process is validated. Carlos Riva, Verenium 's president and CEO, said in a statement that, "With this plant moving into operations, we are on the brink of commercialization, on the brink of success." We'll see.

[Source: Verenium, AP]

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