South America gets its own Punto Turbo

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The European market is replete with sporty Fiats we can't get over here, but the latest doesn't even come from Italy. Fiat Automóveis is the automaker's Brazilian subsidiary, and builds its own vehicles domestically, including some exclusive homegrown models. The South American division is now in the midst of presenting its latest sport model, the Fiat Punto Turbo.

Essentially what we're looking at is the Punto Abarth, only it's not called an Abarth. This model will carry the Fiat badge and differ from its Scorpion marque counterpart in one more significant way. Give up? Try counting the doors. While the Abarth version is available only in the three-door version, the Brazilian turbo model will come exclusively with five doors. The Portuguese-speaking hot hatch will carry the 155hp T-Jet from the Abarth, along with a tightened suspension, 17-inch wheels and upgraded brakes, along with all manner of aero and trim upgrades inside and out. Although the specific launch date and sticker price have not yet been revealed, Fiat Automóveis' Punto Turbo is anticipated to hit the market in Brazil and Argentina before the end of the year. Check out the images in the gallery below to see all the angles.

[Source: Italiaspeed]

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