Samsonite offering automotive-inspired luggage

Many high-end automobiles come equipped with custom-fitted luggage that takes advantage of every available inch in these space-deprived interiors. Pretty cool stuff, that. What are you to do if your ride wasn't sweet enough to come with its own travel gear? Consider the new Spinner line from Samsonite, which is fitted with four wheels -- one at each corner, like a car. Not only is the new luggage highly maneuverable, but it's been designed using high-tech components inspired by automotive design. For instance, some of the gear is made from a composite material known as CURV, which is said to be both lightweight and strong, while other bits feature a diamond plate finish in what must be a nod to the pickem-up crowd. Probably the coolest feature, though, is a built-in parking brake of sorts that is included in case you need to stop on a less-than-level surface.

[Source: Winding Road]

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