Mitsubishi Chemical concept car to spur adoption of lightweight materials

Lightweight parts integration seems to be something of a theme this week as Mitsubishi Chemical announces their plans to promote the use of more lightweight materials in automotive applications. Divulging an agenda earlier this year to invest millions into a new carbon fiber testing facility and increase production over the next dozen quarters, Mitsubishi Chemical wants to create a snazzy promotional campaign to juice up the sales of this increased supply as well as its other automotive-appropriate materials such as polypropylene and "engineering plastics." What better way to demonstrate their products than with a new concept car?

The new vehicle will be based on the C-Rev concept (pictured above) which was Mitsubishi Chemical's promotional vehicle from last year's "Chemical Revolution" campaign and which is currently on display in a showroom at their Tokyo headquarters. We expect this year's version to have an all-electric drivetrain as opposed to last year's hybrid when it goes on display alongside its sibling.


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