BBC asked to fire Clarkson for admitting to 186 mph joyride in Veyron

Here's a news flash: Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame sometimes drives really fast. But it isn't a speeding ticket that has landed Mr. Clarkson in hot water, it's a recent admission during an interview at the Hay Festival in Powys, Wales that he drove the insanely fast Bugatti Veyron 186 mph on public roads. The overly honest answer to the question "what's the fastest you've ever driven" has public safety activists asking for Clarkson's curly locks on a platter. Mary Williams of Brake called the TV star "offensive and irresponsible," and said that the BBC should fire him.

While we're big fans of Clarkson, driving 186 on public roads is incredibly dangerous both to himself and for others on the road. And doesn't Clarkson have an airport runway for going as fast as he wants whenever he wants? Having said that, he obviously didn't get caught doing anything wrong, and hasn't had a speeding ticket in 20 years, so calls for his job are more or less annoying and wishful thinking.

[Source: Mailonsunday]

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