Automotive X Prize competitor to come from Hybrid Technologies

Click above more another shot of the Hybrid Technologies supercar

The electric sportscar world, with Tesla as the only major player at the moment, may be getting a little more crowded as Hybrid Technologies is planning to produce a new vehicle with which to attack the Automotive X Prize. Known specifications are very limited so far, but engineers from the project are talking about Corvette ZR1-style performance numbers. According to Popular Mechanics, there are two versions of the electric supercar currently in development, both an extended-range electric-vehicle and a fully electric version.

Fuel mileage numbers from the hybrid are expected to crest 220 miles per gallon, which would be very impressive indeed, although that figure probably doesn't include the cost to charge the batteries. As of right now, we can't confirm any sort of sale date, but the company would be happy to sell you an all electric MINI Cooper for a cool 60 grand or so. With pricing like that, we're not counting on getting a cut-rate electric car from Hybrid Technologies, but sales of a super car like this could help bring more affordable electric vehicles to market, which would be more than welcome.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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