Scarlet Opus: Franco Fontana at the Galleria Ferrari

We like our jobs here at Autoblog, and we hope that shows. Most of our time is spent in our homes and offices bringing you the latest car news as it comes out, and a few times a year we get to fly around the country and around the world photographing the newest machinery the industry has to offer. It's easy to bring you good photos when the subjects are so artfully beautiful, but while some of us know where to point the glassy end of a camera, our photographs won't be hanging in the Louvre. That's where ordinary people and acclaimed artists like Franco Fontana depart.

Fontana's photographs have hung in galleries and museums around the world and have appeared in some of the biggest publications, on some of the most popular album covers and as some of the most inspired advertising campaigns. Fortunately for us, Fontana was born in Modena, Italy, which we know as the capital of the supercar. In the mid 80's, Fontana lived up to his birthplace when the Fondation Cartier commissioned him to pay an "Hommage à Ferrari" to mark the company's fortieth anniversary. Twenty years later, Ferrari has gathered some of the best works from the exposition and is displaying them again at the Galleria Ferrari. The show will be on until June 30, but if you don't have a chance to swing by Maranello in person, we've got some of the photos in our own Ferrari gallery...just click your red heels together on the thumbnails below to get there.

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[Source: Galleria Ferrari via Italiaspeed]

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