Rendered Speculation: Fiat Topolino

Earlier this month we brought you news of Fiat's acquisition of Zastava and the Italian automaker's plans to use the retooled Serbian plant to produce a new city car reviving the old Topolino nameplate. Auto Express has brought its resources to bear and cooked up a pair of renderings of what form it thinks the new micro-car could take.

Looking something like a cross between a 500 and a new Renault Twingo, the Topolino rendering suggests a melding of the 500's retro touches with more modern lines. Although the car is expected to be based on the Panda platform, Auto Express suggests the Topolino will have a rear-engine/rear-drive layout, along the lines of the Smart ForTwo, Volkswagen up! and Toyota iQ, three models which the little Fiat would go up against in the marketplace. Innovative seating is tipped to help maximize its compact interior dimensions. Fiat has a wide array of compact engines that could appear in the Topolino, including the upcoming 0.9-liter two-cylinder gasoline engine previewed by the Panda Aria concept. With a DSG and start-stop system, the Topolino would help Fiat lower its range-wide carbon footprint.

[Source: Auto Express]

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